Schaffer Tele-wheel Loaders

The Schaffer Tele-wheel loaders combine the manoeuvrability and clear visibility of an articulated wheel loader with high lift height and range of a conventional telescopic loader.

In many agricultural enterprises our loaders become “part of the family”. They are indispensable machines used all day long with many applications thanks to a large choice of tools. They make many tasks much easier and contribute to the increased efficiency of the business.

Depending on the model the maximum lifting height is between 3.75m and 6.10m. The Ferro-Form sliding members of the telescopic arm mean a long service life is guaranteed as the material is practically wear free. The tool cylinder is located within the telescopic arm and thus protected from damage. The machines achieve very good break-out forces through the integrated z-kinematics and are therefore the ideal workhorse on the building site or on farm. Thanks to the low boom attachment point, and the new SCV cab, the driver enjoys excellent all round visibility. The driver always has a perfect overview, and can thus work quickly and safely.

Depending on the model either a Duetz or Kubota 4 cylinder engine is fitted.

Both wheel Loader and Tele-Loader options available.

Some of our stocked models include:

Model Type Working Weight Length Width Height Lift Height Turning Radius Tipping load Straight
4760Z Wheel Loader 3400 kg 4760mm 1420-1730mm 2270 mm 2400mm 1450mm 2120-2428kg
6680T Tele-Loader 5600 kg 5780mm 1710-2050mm 2630mm 4900mm 1750mm 3800 kg
8620T Tele-Loader 7500 kg 6031mm 1850-2180mm 2770mm 5200mm 2240mm 5350 kg
9640T Tele-Loader 8725 kg 6250mm 2330-2380mm 2860mm 5400mm 2280mm 5350kg
9660T Tele-Loader 11000-13000 kg 6850mm 2490mm 2970mm 6100mm 2400mm 7900kg

Plenty of additional machines available – enquire today and see what will best suit your business .