Juscafresa self harvesting and feeding wagons are the ideal machines for green feeding. They operate by having a drum mower in front of a loader wagon type pickup which is designed to limit damage to the grass then a rear conveyor which works to feed out either side of the wagon onto your feed system.

The benefits of this system include:

  • Gentle placement of grass into wagon and onto conveyor.
  • Less grass left in paddock to contaminate next harvest.
  • No need for front linkage , mower and wagon reducing HP requirements.
  • No more grass missed on corners.
  • One pass to cut and collect grass.
  • Less wastage as grass is cleaner and not bruised.

Juscafresa have four main models that are operating in New Zealand the SAJDLD 258, SAJDLDH-23, SAJDLDH-28 SAJDLDH-33.

SAJDLD has the following specifications.

  • Electric control for all functions.
  • Conveyor for side discharge sliding.
  • Discharge dispenser.
  • Large Angle PTO Shaft.
  • Harvester independent from chassis.
  • Equiped with 3 blades on the elevator (but has the capacity for 9 blades).
  • The rotary harvester has two springs providing suspension so it can adapt to the terrain and therefore avoid excessive friction of the plates on the ground.
  • The fodder is discharged by chains.
  • Hydraulic door at the back to facilitate discharge.
  • Rear Cover and conveyor moved hydraulic.
  • The discharge platform moves hydraulically being able to choose how to download, back, left or right.
  • The discharge dispenser incorporates a displacement system at the back, which is activated during the download process by easing the fodder pressure during the charge process, and avoid possible blockage at the time of starting the rotation of the distribution chains of the dispenser.
  • Optional lateral discharge sliding extension.
  • Standard tyres are 15.0/55-17.
  • Has a balanced axle, which allows for irregular paddocks to increase traction.
  • Button control with cable connection for all functions.

SAJDLDH has in addition to the above specifications:

  • Hydrostatic wheel drive of the elevator.
  • Elevator with 9 blades.
  • Hydraulic drawbar.
  • Hydraulic foot double action, fully collapsible into the drawbar.
  • Incorporates tow hydraulic circuits operated by two sets of electro valves for all functions. Each valve is equipped with a LED indicator to verify power failures.
  • Button control with cable connection for all functions with power regulator on the progress of the chains.
Overall length m 7.68 8.95 9.95 10.95
Overall width m 2.25 2.25 2.25 2.25
Overall height loaded m 3.05 3.55 3.55 3.55
Overall height empty m 2.52 3.02 3.02 3.02
Mower cutting width m 1.9 2.1 2.1 2.1
Discharge height m .67 .86 .86 .86
Capacity m3 14 20 24 28
Number of blades on mower 6 8 8 8

Juscafresa are experienced in manufacturing spreaders for orchards and vineyards with a range of sizes and applications. Stocked in NZ is the J35 MDD model, this model has 2 chains that pull the manure/compost through the spreader, double horizontal beaters with screwing flat spikes, 2 lower discs, hydraulic back cover and fixed drawbar with adjustable height.

Model MDD-J35
Overall length m 5.65
Overall width m 1.8
Overall height m 2.15
Capacity m3 3.54