Seko Mixer Wagons

Seko offers a wide range of mixer wagons specifically for chopping mixing and distributing feed for dairy cows fattening cattle and sheep and goat livestock.

Seko have worked alongside farmers in many different applications and in all over the world to provide the best possible product.

Seko pride themselves on having an excellent build quality, advanced technology and a reliable yet simplistic machine. They have both horizontal and vertical wagons available.

The horizontal wagons are of particular interest with their twin horizontal screw augers at the bottom of the wagon moving the material from the front and back to the centre with teeth on the augers chewing it apart along the way. This was first designed by Seko to not only mix but also to chop dry or wet fibrous products, both loose and baled. Because of the special counter- rotating augers and the star shaped blades any product can be worked with low power absorption and high performance. The material at the centre has nowhere else to go and so is pushed upwards, before gently tumbling back down to the front and back of the machine mixing the material thoroughly (uniformly degree mix higher than 99%, as has been proved by many tests in Italian and foreign university laboratories).

Water can be added along with minerals via the easy access funnel at the back while the load is being mixed. A whole bale of silage can be added, too, it is possible to do this with ease with only one tractor. Feeding the load out is simple, with a PTO running all necessary controls from an electric box in the cab. The side door is opened and the discharge conveyor is lowered and set to unload.

When you get to the end of the row of troughs the PTO can simply be turned off to stop the machine feeding out, then engaged to start again in the next row of troughs. This machine has no chassis under the feed box, keeping the weight, costs, and loading height handily low.

Model Capacity HP Length Width Height
500/110 11 60 5.88 2.04 2.40
500/130 13 70 5.88 2.04 2.65
500/150 15 80 6.48 2.04 2.65
500/170 17 90 6.78 2.33 2.69
600/170 17 90 6.50 2.33 2.79
600/200 20 100 7.10 2.33 2.79

The Tiger series of vertical mixer wagons offers a quick and perfect integration of the different products destined to feeding preparation. Round bales of forage or grass silage are very easily chopped by the strong vertical augers equipped with special blades. The product given to the cows is perfectly mixed appetizing and respects the organoleptic characteristics of the products. There are different discharge options in order to keep the volume of the machine as low as possible and an easy entry even in case of forced narrow passages.

Model Capacity m3 HP Length Width Height
VMF120 12 80 6.69 2.25 2.54
VMF140 14 90 6.67 2.25 2.77
VMF160 16 100 6.81 2.25 2.99
VMF200 20 110 7.43 2.45 2.96
Model Capacity m3 HP Length Width Height
VMF90 9 60 5.06 2.45 2.71
VMF110 11 70 5.16 2.45 2.89
VMF130 13 80 5.24 2.45 23.17
VMF150 15 90 5.38 2.45 3.30