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Matamata Ag Centre has the answers to your cultivation needs, they are the importers of the Imants Rotary Plough. This innovative machine is designed to save costs and make cultivation not only successful but fast.

How does it work?

The machine is a PTO driven cultivator that offers contractors and farmers primary and secondary cultivation in a single pass.

It is the concept behind the spades that creates a no pan, mixed up ground with the evolutionary roller producing the seedbed. So simultaneously cultivates, incorporates and prepares the seed bed, with the added option of a fitted seeder it is the ultimate machine.

The rotor shaft is chain driven from either side of the machine via a centrally mounted differential gearbox, to ensure even power distribution, perfect balance, smooth running and very low vibration levels. Primary cultivation is performed by the continually rotating spade blades operating across the full width of the machine, to maximum working depths of 47cm. This mode of action (via the tractor PTO) results in a cultivator which literally powers itself through the soil, with forward speed controlled by the tractor gearing. The advantage of the system is the absolute minimal risk of wheel slip or smearing under wet soil conditions. As the spade blades cultivated, they lift and tumble the soil, thoroughly mixing it, breaking up any clods and leaving a beautifully prepared and undamaged soil structure, which is fully decompacted and aerated. Rotary action also means no plough pans are created.

This ability to mix and blend, is a huge advantage when it comes to incorporating stubble and previous crop residues, as well as large qualities of composts, slurry, manure and other organic materials. The rear mounted ‘spiro' seedbed consolidator adds the final touch to a highly efficient cultivation technique and guarantees an ideal environment for fast consistent germination, maximum plant establishment and optimum uptake of nutrients. The roof of the rotor housing is fitted with a flexible heavy-duty plastic liner to prevent any stone damage or build up of mud adhering to the interior of the machine.

 All this at working speeds of up to 5.8km p/h resulting in typical work rates of 1.5ha/h. Depending on  the conditions of the soil there is also the option of putting rippers on the front of the machine, which  is very effective in harder grounds. Other options included mounting a seeder on the back to truly  make this the one pass machine.

 One vital thing to note is that the rotary plough will leave the soil with worms still intact and alive –  aiding the natural structure of the soil.

 Ease of maintenance
 Imants has recognised that down time is costing money so have made this machine with ease of  maintenance a priority.

Who are Imants
Imants has been working in the development of machinery in soil cultivation since 1885, and now is a globally recognised company in the manufacture of machinery. Imants motto and philosophy is ‘ quality without compromise' and is evident if one is to look at the rotary plough which is made to the highest standard.  Website

Owner/Operator perspectives .

Bruce Truman of the Westcoast has been looking for the last two years for the perfect machine to start his contracting business and has fixed his sights on the Rotary Plough, which he purchased two weeks ago. So far it has generated a heap of interest and has really been tested on that Westcoast soil.

Waikato contractor Phil Hawke used the Imants Revolution last cultivation season to prepare the ground for maize and turnip crops. Phil says the beauty of the rotary cultivator is that it eliminates the need to plough and power harrow.

“I decided to go with the rotary cultivator after we saw a demonstration. The cultivator spins slower than a power harrow so it thoroughly pulverizes but doesn't beat the soil up.

“It does an ideal job of burying the trash. You can't go in with a sub soiler, roto tiller or other tyned machine after the rotary cultivator has been through because it would bring up the trash.

“The finishing roller is chain driven and leaves a good seed bed. Underneath the finished layer it leaves the soil lumpy and chunky. The organic material get mixed with air so it breaks down and the underlying soil structure is good.”

Phil Hawke says he is also impressed with the work rate of the Imants Revolution. The number of hectares it does an hour is excellent. He pulls his Imant's Revolution with a 200hp tractor but says it will work fine with a 150hp tractor.

While John from Bluegrass Contracting in the Waikato said that the fertilizer is thoroughly mixed to deeper levels encouraging feeder roots to lower levels. As the ground moisture dries the plant feeder roots are therefore longer in the moisture zone, which allows the roots to penetrate as fat lush feeder roots rather than thin hard fibre with poor circulation.

The slow rotor speed stops the bashing of the soil structure and the destruction of microbial life.

The lager clods give aeration and life to the soil but have been consolidated sufficient to ensure the continuance of the capillary action process.

The low gearing makes this piece of equipment revolutionary in PTO driven cultivation pass.

Furthermore John believes that there is the added benefit of staff training, making it simpler and less
time consuming to train someone compared to a mould board plough.

Blue Grass Contracting Ltd. Used there rotary plough for 100% of their maize cultivation as a one pass operation and makes the claim that the germination, plant spacing and eveness, crop eveness and crop size exceeds all others in the district. They believe that if the season had of been drier the difference would have been greater.

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