K-Two Muck Spreaders

The K-Two duo is a range of heavy duty rear discharge muck spreaders, with two vertical beaters designed to shred and spread manure. Coming in a wide range of sizes from 6 to 14 ton these are designed for agricultural and industrial manures efficiently with a high throughput.

Standard features include:

  • Heavy duty chassis.
  • Fine fast shred and spread through the twin vertical beaters which spread the material evenly over about 9-12m width.
  • Direct drive rotors ensure maximum power transfer and continued reliability with shearbolt protection as standard.
  • Reinforced beaters feature interlocking folded sections to help withstand damage from foreign objects and reversible beater teeth. Four paddles at the base of each rotor ensure a fine spreading pattern.
  • One piece rotor gearbox rated to 185hp ensures reliability and ease of servicing and features a shear collar drive coupling for extra protection.
  • Stepless bed drive speed control provides accurate control of the application rate. A reverse facility for the bed is fitted as standard.
  • Four high tensile bed chains with a combined breaking strain of 96 tones ensure the toughest of loads can be handled with ease. Standard size is 14mm thick.
  • All models are engineered in modern factory facilities employing advanced metal cutting, pressing and welding technologies. High accuracy ensures easy parts replacement.
  • Protection against corrosion is ensured by strictly controlled shot blasting and finishing with 130 microns of two pack paint marine specification. Common wearing parts of the duo muck spreaders are galvanised for extra protection.
  • Large wheels provide good flotation and traction in adverse conditions.
  • Front hose arm is fitted to provide easy stowage of pipes when not in use for good protection. Rear light clusters fold away for protection when spreading.

Optional extras for the duos include:

  • Slurry door which helps with wet manures, maximises the machines carrying capacity and also regulates flow of manure out of the machine.
  • Torque clutch protection for the driveline is available to provide an extra safety device for the beaters in the event of blockage.
  • Extension sides made from both steel and wood are available in a range of sixes to increase the volume of the spreader.
  • Electric in cab control is available for those who wish to be able to control the hydraulic floor bed speed from the comfort of the tractor cab.
  • Larger tyres in a range of different sizes are available for each model in lieu of the standard.
Model 600 900 1000 1100 1200 1400
Carrying capacity tons 6 9 10 11 12 14
Volume standard m3 4.1 6.4 8.0 7.6 9.5 10.5
Volume heaped m3 7.4 11.0 13.8 12.0 15.3 16.8
Overall length metres 6.04 6.54 7.54 6.54 7.54 8.04
Overall height metres 2.23 2.73 2.73 3.05 3.05 3.05
Loading height metres 1.61 1.89 7.89 2.17 2.17 2.17
Overall width metres 2.45 2.65 2.65 2.80 2.80 2.80
Unladen weight tons 3.15 3.70 4.25 4.00 4.85 5.25

The Bio range of muck spreaders have horizontal beaters along with a beater hood and spinner deck to finely shred and spread manures up to 24m wide.

All bio spreaders come standard with sprung drawbar, larger tyres with the 1100 and 1200 have 520/85 R38 as standard, while the 1400 has 580/70 R38, hydraulic slurry door, hydraulic opening rear hood and electronic in cab control of the floor speed as standard.

In addition as standard a wide angle front PTO shaft, individual clutch protection for the beaters and spinners, 1000 rpm driveline and a 60mm diameter rear floor drive shaft.

The 24m wide and even spread pattern is an essential tool in today’s farming environment, where the spreading of highly nutritious manures must be carried out with high accuracy and correct timing to reduce the risk of scorching corps or the leaching of manures.

Optional extras include:

  • Wooden or steel extension sides
  • Slurry door
  • Sight gauge
Model 1100 1200 1400
Carrying capacity tons 11 12 14
Volume standard m3 8.6 10.5 11.5
Volume heaped m3 13.3 16.3 17.9
Overall length metres 6.95 7.95 8.45
Overall height metres 3.15 3.15 3.15
Overall width metres 2.77 2.77 2.90
Unladen weight tons 4.70 4.95 25.35

Fraser muck masters have long been the choice of British dairy farmers, as this is the perfect machine for wet sloppy muck and slurry from the milking shed. Available in both single and tandem axle models these are the perfect farmers machine.

The Muck masters come comes standard with:

  • Hydraulically operated lids with wide access to ensure muck goes down the back to the rotor.
  • Gearboxes developed over a quarter of a century for unbeatable reliability. Easy access via removeable casing.
  • Large section RHS tube drawbar for superior strength (extendable on model up to 1000).
  • Ribbed steel late body for added strength.
  • Sealed flange bearings are externally mounted within a special channel, protected against corrosive liquids and easily accessed for maintenance during their extended service life.
  • All models are engineered in modern factory facilities employing advanced metal handling, punching and welding technologies. High accuracy ensures easy parts replacement.
  • Protection against corrosion is ensured by strictly controlled shot blasting, priming and paint application (dipping for smaller components, spraying for panels, shafts and drawbars.
  • Heavy duty chains are mounted on all 4 sides of 75mm solid steel shaft to ensure easier start up.
  • Cam Hydraulic brakes are standard on all models.
  • 6 stud axles.
  • Road Springs are fitted on tandem models.
  • Road Lighting is optional on all models.
  • The combined result is a hard working spreader with large load capacity, fast discharge times and low maintenance costs that will easily repay your investment over its long working life.
Model 550 700 850 850T 1000 1000T 1250 1250T 1600T
Loading height m 1.29 1.32 1.45 1.55 1.53 1.57 1.68 1.70 1.73
Overall height m 1.86 1.88 2.08 2.18 2.14 2.21 2.39 2.42 2.67
Overall width m 1.96 2.11 2.16 2.08 2.47 2.31 2.52 2.34 2.74
HP requirements 35 60 75 75 85 85 100 100 120
Unladen weight 1268 1655 1943 2205 2335 2690 2940 3220 3955